Accra, Ghana. October 8, 2013.

In partnership with the Ford Foundation and the Center for Demographic Development-Ghana (CDD),  ACET held the first Sustainable Resource Series dialogues on October 8th in Accra, focusing on “Good Governance in the MOG Sector.”


Below, you can download documents from the event as they become available.

[ddownload id=”9138″ style=”link” text=”Event Program”]

[ddownload id=”9139″ style=”link” text=”Dialogue on Good Governance in the Mineral, Oil and Gas Sector in West Africa”]

[ddownload id=”5101″ style=”link” text=”Good Governance in the MOG Sector (English)”]

[ddownload id=”5104″ style=”link” text=”Good Governance in the MOG Sector (French)”]

[ddownload id=”9140″ style=”link” text=”Sustainable Development Challenges and Economic Transformation Through the Extractives Sector”] by Sheila Khama, ACET
[ddownload id=”8761″ style=”link” text=”Natural Resource Governance & Politics in West Africa”] by Victor Brobbey, CDD
[ddownload id=”9142″ style=”link” text=”Good Governance and its Linkages to the Extractives Industry”] by Prof. Joe Amoako-Tuffour, ACET



Overview of the Sustainable Resource Series

The Sustainable Resource Series is comprised of four workshops on sustainable development in the extractive industries, held over a one-year period in various ECOWAS states. Intended to facilitate knowledge-sharing amongst civil society groups, development partners, and industry experts, these dialogues aim to constructively engage policymakers on issues that impact citizens of resource-rich countries in West Africa. With funding from the Ford Foundation, the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is co-hosting each dialogue with one of our various in-country partners. Each event focuses on a specific sustainable development challenge faced by the mining, oil, and gas (MOG) sector. Topics range from good governance, accountability, and business ethics in the extractive industries to conflict minerals and extraction’s impact on social and physical environments.

ACET believes that the MOG sector is one of the most promising springboards for economic transformation in most African countries, if the sector is governed by policies that prioritize:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Value addition beyond primary production
  • Public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Domestic linkages with local economies
  • Reinvestment of MOG revenue into productive sectors of the economy

Check back here for more details on past and future Sustainable Resource Series events, and to download policy briefs, presentations, and reports from each workshop.

On November 4th, ACET held the second Sustainable Resource Series dialogues in Dakar, Senegal, focusing on “Accountability in the Extractive Industries.” Click here for more details on that event.


Additional Topics in the Sustainable Resource Series

Not every topic will be the focal point of one of the events. However, participants are provided with additional policy briefs for further knowledge-sharing and dialogue. Each will be available to download here:

[ddownload id=”5092″ style=”link” text=”Physical Environment (English)”]

[ddownload id=”5095″ style=”link” text=”Physical Environment (French)”]