We help deliver African economic transformation, which we define as growth with DEPTH – through a unique, integrated approach.


An economically transformed Africa within a generation.


To help government and the private sector deliver economic transformation that improves lives.

Who We Are

A Thought Leader for Africa

Growth with DEPTH

In our view, growth is not enough. Africa must also transform through diversified production, competitive exports, increased productivity, upgraded technology, and improved human well-being.

Growth with DEPTH is a framework developed by ACET that turns transformation from a concept into a practical policy agenda. We have used Growth with DEPTH to help Africa’s public and private sectors address the policy and institutional barriers that hamper sustained growth.

While pursuing improvements in the macroeconomic and business environments, countries have to take the following steps:



Diversify their production and exports.


Export Competitiveness

Become more competitive in global markets.


Productivity Increases

Increase the productivity of farms, firms, and government offices.


Technology Upgrades

Upgrade the technology they use throughout the economy.


Human Well-Being

Ultimately, growth should improve livelihoods by providing more productive jobs and higher incomes.

An Integrated Approach

We focus on the “how-to” of policy reform, going beyond the traditional role of a think tank to ensure our research is accessed by the right people at the right time to accelerate the transformation agenda.