Transforming Africa within a generation is only possible with a sustainable and competitive private sector. In many African countries, the local-content and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) ecosystem is underdeveloped and characterized by limited investment, particularly in terms of patient capital. Combined with high barriers to entry into global supply chains and unsupportive public policy, SMEs face severe constraints on their ability to scale. Carefully considered, private sector-led initiatives anchored in sound analytics and practice can build up the ecosystem and enhance productivity, diversification, and export competitiveness.

Our work on Private Sector Development aims to drive an inclusive economic transformation by engaging the private sector with direct, impactful support. At the macro level, we promote evidence-informed private-sector friendly public policy and regulations and provide direction and coordination to strengthen the SME ecosystem. At the micro level, we assist SMEs in becoming investment-ready and support them to integrate into regional and global supply value chains through incubator and accelerator projects.

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ACET Business Transform (ABT)

ABT helps develop early- to growth-stage small and medium-size enterprises with a manufacturing or assembly component in their business model. Experts provide free, top-tier technical and managerial services, mentorship, coaching, direct financial support, and transaction advisory services to ten businesses with the aim of making them investment-ready.

Good Exporting Practices Program

The Good Exporting Practices Program is a fully funded skills and capacity development program specifically designed for Ghanaian SMEs in the Non-Traditional Export (NTE) sector.
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Challenges and Changes: The Political Economy of National Development Banks in Ghana – ADB & NIB in Perspective

Challenges and Changes: The Political Economy of National Development Banks in Ghana – ADB & NIB in Perspective

This PSD event brings together government officials, civil society organizations, policymakers, and industry representatives to discuss and validate the findings in the initial draft of the Political Economy of National Development Banks in Ghana.

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