African Transformation Report

African Transformation Reports (ATRs) explore key levers of economic transformation and analyze their binding constraints. Each report outlines transformation themes and challenges and provides policy recommendations. ATRs are grounded in original analysis and draw on best practices from across Africa and around the world.


African Transformation Report 2021:

Integrating to Transform

Integrating to Transform explores the critical need for African countries to work together beyond trade to tackle shared challenges, harness regional opportunities, and enable economies to scale. One of the key areas for collaboration is climate-smart agriculture, which will help African farmers increase productivity and build resilience.

African Transformation Report 2017:

Agriculture Powering Africa’s Transformation

Agriculture Powering Africa’s Transformation sets out a bold new agenda for African development, powered by a revolution in agriculture. The report unveils a radical program of reforms to trigger economic transformation far beyond the farming industry.

African Transformation Report 2014:

Growth with DEPTH

African economies need more than growth—if they are to transform, they need growth with DEPTH.