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Accra, Ghana
Posted 2 years ago
The Africa Center for Economic Transformation is seeking an procurement officer to lead the organisation’s procurement activities. The procurement officer will be assigned with two core tasks:
  1. The procurement officer will revise and update ACET Procurement Policy & Procedures, and support ACET in implementing the procedural alterations. The procurement officer will furthermore managed ACET’s on-going procurement procedures.
  2. Lead ACET’s procurement processes for consultancy services funded through the Think Africa Partnership (TAP) fund. The procurement officer will work in collaboration with ACET team leaders, human resources, and the programme manager to ensure that all of ACET’s TAP procurements are undertaken in a timely fashion and in accordance with the World Bank Procurement regulations. The procurement officer will manage the procurement through the STEP system and undertake all the steps required to ensure compliance with the online system.

The procurement officer will be contracted for an initial period of 12 months, with a 6-month probation period, from 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021. The contract can be extended upon satisfactory performance and continuing business need.

Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are:


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Procurement, Business Management, Business Administration, engineering, project management, quantity surveying, Resource Management, Human Resources or similar. Degree should include modules of Procurement Management.
  2. A minimum of 3 years work experience as a Procurement Manager or Officer.
  3. Understanding of the operational aspects of think tanks such as ACET.
  4. Previous experiences working specifically with the World Bank’s procurement systems is an advantage.
  5. Possess good oral and written communication skills.
  6. Be computer literate and possess experience in the use and application of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, etc.,) as minimum.
  7. Have very good time management skills, strong interpersonal and ability to multi-task and work under time pressure.
  8. Be fluent in English, including demonstrated report writing skills.
  9. A drive for results while working with limited supervision (or independently) and under tight timelines and have qualitative and quantitative analytic skills.
  10. Teamwork and cooperation towards achieving goals of the project.


  • Sound technical knowledge in Procurement management.
  • Possess appreciable knowledge and understanding of the World Bank and Ghana Procurement procedures, rules, and policies.
  • Conversant with the World Bank Procurement guidelines and Procurement Regulation and the Public Procurement Act, 2003, Act 663 (as amended).
  • Adequate experience in addressing requirements for procurement compliance.
  • Innovativeness and effectiveness capability under varying work assignments, conditions, and time pressures.

Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications.

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers[i] (“Consultant Guidelines”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant selection method set out in the Consultant Guidelines referred to above.

Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail or by e-mail) by 14th of June 2020.


African Center for Economic Transformation

Attn: Anna Rosengren

Castle Road, Ridge,

Postbox: PMB CT4, Cantonments

Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233 (0) 302 210 240


[i] Bank policy requires that consultants provide professional, objective, and impartial advice and at all times hold the client’s interest’s paramount, without any consideration for future work, and that in providing advice they avoid conflicts with other assignments and their own corporate interests. Consultants shall not be hired for any assignment that would be in conflict with their prior or current obligations to other clients, or that may place them in a position of being unable to carry out the assignment in the best interest of the Borrower.

Without limitation on the generality of the foregoing, consultants shall not be hired under the circumstances set forth below:

(a) Conflict between consulting activities and procurement of goods, works, or non-consulting services (i.e., services other than consulting services covered by these Guidelines: A firm that has been engaged by the Borrower to provide goods, works, or non-consulting services for a project, or any affiliate that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with that firm, shall be disqualified from providing consulting services resulting from or directly related to those goods, works, or non-consulting services. Conversely, a firm hired to provide consulting services for the preparation (before Loan effectiveness) or implementation of a project, or any affiliate that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with that firm, shall be disqualified from subsequently providing goods, works, or services (other than consulting services covered by these Guidelines) resulting from or directly related to the consulting services for such preparation or implementation. This provision does not apply to the various firms (consultants, contractors, or suppliers) which together are performing the Contractor’s obligations under a turnkey or design and build contract.

 (b) Conflict among consulting assignments: Neither consultants (including their personnel and sub-consultants), nor any affiliate that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with that firm, shall be hired for any assignment that, by its nature, may be in conflict with another assignment of the consultants. As an example, consultants assisting a client in the privatization of public assets shall neither purchase, nor advise purchasers of, such assets. Similarly, consultants hired to prepare Terms of Reference (TOR) for an assignment shall not be hired for the assignment in question.

(c) Relationship with Borrower’s staff: Consultants (including their experts and other personnel, and sub-consultants) that have a close business or family relationship with a professional staff of the Borrower (or of the project implementing agency, or of a recipient of a part of the loan) who are directly or indirectly involved in any part of: (i) the preparation of the TOR for the assignment, (ii) the selection process for the contract, or (iii) the supervision of such contract may not be awarded a contract, unless the conflict stemming from this relationship has been resolved in a manner acceptable to the Bank throughout the selection process and the execution of the contract. (d) A consultant shall submit only one proposal, either individually or as a joint venture partner in another proposal. If a consultant, including a joint venture partner, submits or participates in more than one proposal, all such proposals shall be disqualified. This does not, however, preclude a consulting firm to participate as a sub-consultant, or an individual to participate as a team member, in more than one proposal when circumstances justify and if permitted by the RFP.

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