The role of agricultural skills development in transforming African agriculture

Africa’s population is growing fast, and so are the continent’s food requirements. More must be done in future to increase agricultural productivity to eliminate the occurrence of food riots, experienced in 2008, 2011 and 2012. Potential solutions include designing programs that target the youth, both educated and uneducated. Attracting well-trained youth to the agricultural sector can help achieve needed increases in both production and productivity, and help address the youth unemployment crisis.

This paper discusses how agricultural skills development contributes to agricultural transformation. It looks at successful and unsuccessful skills development systems in Africa and recommends ways of resolving challenges encountered. The paper also provides recommendations on how to help unskilled people acquire skills, as well as to ensure that those with relevant agricultural skills become successful in the agricultural sector.

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  1. Amoni Joshua says:

    The livestock sector of agriculture in the country has been neglected for ages now, meanwhile that sector should have been given maximum attention because of its job creation and public health concerns. Please let’s remind ourselves that about 70% of the human diseases are from animals and take public health concerns seriously.Thanks


  2. Frimpong Andrews says:

    Is the policy going to be initiated in the whole Africa,only selected African countries


    • Julius Gatune says:

      The policy recommendation provided are high level. The actual policy at country level may differ in some aspects as each country has a specific context that will shape the actual policy content. All the same ACET does work with countries to help translate the global policy recommendation to country specific policy. Also note that ACET through its PACT platform also helps countries to share experiences and learn from each other so that they improve their policy formulation and implementation processes.

      We recommend that you look at the African Transformation Report 2017: Agriculture Powering Africa’s Economic Transformation. This background paper was prepared for this report.



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