Trade and Labor Market Outcomes in Developing Countries

Globalisation poses both threats and opportunities for lagging regions. Developing countries must find ways of maximizing these opportunities whiles moderating the risks.

Thus the Trade and Labor Market Outcomes in Developing Countries study seeks to identify the policies that would moderate the negative effects of globalization and maximize its benefits. The emphasis of the program, fashioned into 6 modules, is on the effects of international trade in domestic labor market outcomes, that is, the creation of employment opportunities both in the formal and informal sector, the effects on unemployment and the impact on wages. We will assess the subsequent impact on poverty and inequality. We will also study the role played by skill development policies, the provision of transport infrastructure, labor market reforms, and export promotion policies.

A number of articles and working papers, published under the following 6 modules are available on the program’s dedicated website. They are:

Module 1 – Global Trade Reforms with Labor Mobility Costs
Module 2 – Wages and Employment Gains from Exports
Module 3 – Trade and Unemployment
Module 4 – Trade and Informal Labor Markets
Module 5 – Making Globalization more Inclusive
Module 6 – Policy Lessons

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