The African Transformation Report 2 – Modernizing Agriculture (Research & Production)

ACET’s research agenda focuses on studies that analyze the economic transformation of African countries and emerging economies and reflects an understanding that economic growth and structural transformation should be the central focus of economic policy in sub-Saharan Africa.

In March 2014, ACET launched the first African Transformation Report (ATR), drawing on a three-year research program of country, sector, and thematic studies to offer analyses and lessons that can be tailored to each African country’s endowments, constraints, and opportunities.

The report concluded that the continent’s recent economic growth, while welcome, would not by itself sustain development. To ensure that growth is sustainable and continues to improve the lives of the many, countries now need to vigorously promote economic transformation.

Based on the resounding success of the ATR a second ATR on agriculture will be published in 2016.

This ATR will be made up chapters drawn from different perspectives and will be aimed at proposing models to modernize agriculture and make it a key  driver of  income  growth  and  poverty  reduction,  through  agro-processing.

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