Mining Governance and Investment Assessment

ACET is working with Adam Smith International and Revenue Watch to assess the current status of the mining sector in sub-Sahara Africa with a focus on resource rich countries with mature and emerging mining sectors.

This Mining Governance and Investment Assessment (MinGov) is a World Bank initiative with the ultimate objective of strengthening the mining sector’s governance, investment environment, and development impact. It will assess the existing mining environment in the selected countries and monitor the effectiveness of:

  1. Policies affecting their mining sectors
  2. Institutions charged with supporting and implementing these policies
  3. Other determining factors such as infrastructure and availability of qualified workforce.

It will develop a tool (assessment kit) that facilitates the understanding of governance, competitiveness and investment issues related to the mining sector in developing countries. The immediate product of the MinGov review is a comprehensive report on governance and other issues that affect the mining sector, its attractiveness to government and investors, and its development impact in the reviewed country.

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