Improved Production Technologies among small holder farmers via Interlinked credit and Index Insurance (USAID BASIS)

This study is a 3-year program of research, outreach, and education is designed to promote use of index insurance to expand access to credit and increase adoption of improved production practices among African smallholders.

ACET  is  conducting  Randomized  Control  Trials  (RCT) to  test  whether  index  insurance backed contingent credit can reduce impact of widespread agricultural loan defaults in the wake  of  adverse  systemic  events,  allowing  lenders  to  expand  access  to  credit  among smallholders and reduce interest rates.

The work entails coordination of 300 farmer based organizations, 12 rural banks, and one insurance company. The project plans to disseminate its findings through conventional academic outlets, including publications in internationally recognized academic journals and presentations at major international and African regional academic conferences.

Outputs include about 5 papers, 6-10 presentations, a technical report and a white paper.  The  team  has  engaged  with  14  rural  banks to  issue  insurance  after  the conclusion of a   baseline survey.  ACET also plans to implement an aggressive outreach and education program aimed at Ghanaian and African stakeholders and policymakers.

This study is sponsored by the USAID-Basis AMA Grant and is implemented in coordination with The Ohio State University and the University of Ghana.

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