Impact of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining on Smallholder Agricultural

This is an investigative study that assesses the impact of activity in one economic sector (mining) on another economic sector (agriculture). This study is relevant because of the growing concern that the Artisanal Small scale Mining (ASM) relationship with agriculture is not entirely complementary because both sectors intensely compete over land use; labor and water resources.

ACET, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, seeks to undertake this study to:

  1. Examine the scope of policy and regulatory environment of ASM in the three countries; Burkina Faso, Ghana and Sierra Leone
  2. Examine the effects that ASM activities have on smallholder food and cash crop farming in communities endowed with minerals
  3. Determine the gap between policy and regulatory intentions on one hand, and what actually happens on the ground on the other, and draw actionable lessons
  4. Assess the effects of ASM activities on women and young adults in areas where ASM are dominant and where the role of women in agriculture is paramount
  5. Determine which of the two rural development drivers (ASM or smallholder agriculture) provides a more sustainable tool of poverty reduction in affected communities
  6. Assess the response of public policy to the emerging labor, land use conflicts and water resources constraints facing agriculture as a result of ASM activities
  7. Explore what governments and other stakeholders can do to ensure that the two developmental tools can coexist to improve livelihoods and increase developmental outcomes.

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