Pillar One:

Economic Strategies and Management for Transformation


  • To help countries produce more transformational development strategies and plans in response to country demand.
  • To help countries raise resources and manage them efficiently to promote economic transformation.

Pillar Two:

Making Economic Growth Inclusive


  • To expand employment opportunities so that economic growth is more inclusive and incomes are more equal.
  • To ensure that African workers’ skills, particularly among the youth, align with employer needs.

Pillar Three:

Leveraging Extractives for Transformation


  • To help countries use their natural resources – mineral, oil, and natural gas – to more effectively support economic transformation by optimizing revenue take from projects, managing in transparent and accountable fashion, linking to other economic sectors, and boosting local content and value addition.

Pillar Four:

Modernizing Agriculture and Promoting Light Manufacturing


  • To raise the productivity and resilience of traditional smallholder farmers.
  • To promote the growth of a small and medium-scale modern commercial farming sector.
  • To link agriculture to industry through processing and other light manufacturing to add value.
  • To enable agriculture to respond to urban population demands.

Pillar Five:

Boosting Trade Facilitation and Regional Integration


  • To help countries accelerate trade facilitation as a means to promote regional integration.


We need expertise, knowledge and the ability to convert that information into practical, transformative action. But transformation requires a collaborative effort.

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