Yaw Ansu

Chief Economist Emeritus


Dr. Yaw Ansu is Chief Economist Emeritus at ACET. He is the principal author of ACET’s 2017 African Transformation Report, Agriculture Powering Africa’s Economic Transformation, and the maiden 2014 report, Growth with Depth.

Prior to joining ACET, Yaw spent over 26 years working at the World Bank in various capacities, including Research Economist, Country Economist, Country Director, Director for Economic Policy and Head of the Economists Sector Board, and Regional Sector Director for Human Development for Africa. He led several World Bank teams in helping countries formulate and implement economic growth, transformation and export diversification strategies and to respond to macroeconomic crises. As Regional Sector Director, he led over 150 staff to deliver World Bank programs in education, health, population, nutrition and social protection.

Yaw holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University, and an M.S. and a PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.