Tsidi M. Tsikata

Senior Fellow


Tsidi Tsikata has over 35 years of experience in providing advice on macroeconomic and development policy issues. He is a former Division Chief at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with wide ranging experience in all the main areas of IMF operations—surveillance, programs, and capacity development. Prior to the IMF, Tsidi worked at the Bank of Botswana and the Ghana Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. His current consulting and research interests include sovereign debt issues in emerging- and frontier-market economies, and digitalization and economic transformation in Africa.

During a 27-year career at the IMF (1990-2017), Tsidi contributed to the work of the African, European 2, Policy Development and Review (PDR), and Statistics Departments, and the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO). His surveillance and program experience included stints as Mission Chief (Zambia, Malawi, Sao Tome and Principe, and The Gambia), Resident Representative (Tanzania), and senior desk economist (Georgia). In the area of capacity development, Tsidi provided technical assistance in the field of money and banking statistics to Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Yemen, and served as the Coordinator for all IMF technical assistance to countries in the African Department.

Tsidi contributed to major reviews of IMF Policies and Facilities, including review of IMF-supported programs in Indonesia, Korea and Thailand during the 1997/98 Asian crisis (PDR), review of programs supported under the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (PDR), evaluation of Prolonged Use of IMF Resources (IEO), and evaluation of The IMF’s Role in Poverty Reduction Papers and the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (IEO).

At the Bank of Botswana where Tsidi was a Principal Officer in the Research Department, he was responsible for analyses of real sector developments and for monetary and exchange rate policies. In the Ghana Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning where he rose to Senior Economic Planning Officer, he undertook studies on the international competitiveness of various industries and sectors, evaluated policy options in the lead up to the 1983 Economic Recovery Program, and participated in negotiations with the IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank.

Tsidi holds an M.A. (Economics) degree from Vanderbilt University, and a B.A. (Economics with Mathematics) degree from the University of Ghana, Legon.