Why should we hire you? Know exactly what to say

November 9, 2017
According to statistics, about 48 percent of youth in the country are unemployed. The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) has indicated that the greatest challenge facing Ghana, is rising youth unemployment. Chief Economist at ACET, Dr Yaw Ansu called on the state sometime back to make youth employment a top priority.

Eric Kofi Kontoh wrote there is rising deep anxiety about the rapid increase in the rate of graduate unemployment in Ghana. The reality of the job market has sent many graduates back to school and the rest has been left to wonder how to get a foothold in the job market.

The number of job openings and vacancies is minimal and one can only imagine the ratio of job applicants to job vacancies. Simply put, there are no jobs to apply to; the labour market supply of graduates has outgrown the labour demand.

With all the above challenges in Ghana when one is given the opportunity to answer the question, ‘why should we hire you?’, then you need to know exactly what to say and what not to say.

This question is likely the single best opportunity you have to seal the deal in the job interview. But because it’s so broad, it can also lead you down a slippery slope if you’re not concise.

When interviewers ask this question, they want you to convince them that you’re the best candidate for the job. To ace the response, you must do your homework on the employer and job description so you can align your skills and experience with their specific needs.

This is an opportunity to say, ‘You need X, and I am the best person for the job because of Y.’ You want to convey that not only are you a safe choice with minimal risk — but also a great choice,” says Lynn Taylor.

Before you arrive at the job interview, you should have a general sense of how to communicate this, she suggests. “One useful technique is to have three major points in mind on why you’re an excellent choice. This is a default framework you can come back to in the interview to sell yourself. It will become more refined as the interview proceeds.”

Jacquelyn Smith shared Lynn Taylor’s expert view on how to answer this question from below discussion. Here’s how to answer the common “Why should we hire you?” interview question:

Listen to real-time cues.

“As you hear the finer details of job requirements, jot down some keywords from your background that will help you provide a targeted response once the hiring manager asks this question,” Taylor says. “If for example, organizational skills are paramount, you may jot down certain related software programs you use.” As you make minor notes, still try to maintain good eye contact and stay in an active listening mode.

“Since you now have more data on the real requirements, it’s time to turn up your pitch a notch,” she says. For instance, know your unique selling proposition. What makes you particularly qualified for the job among your peers? What does the firm present publicly and in the interview? How does your unique background align with their mission? “If for example, the company’s advertising tagline is about service excellence, you can address how your customer service expertise resulted in quantifiable results, such as in expanded business, training you provided, or client recognition you received,” says Taylor.

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