Ghana: Distribution of drugs, blood via drones will start in 2019 – VP Bawumia

June 22, 2018
Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, has given a new timeline for the implementation of Ghana government’s promise to use drones to deliver essential services to deprived communities.

Government had initially mentioned at the 2018 Annual Health Summit held in April 2018, that the delivery system will begin in September this year.

However, the Vice President at a forum organised by the Africa Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) on Thursday, stated that the move will take off in 2019.

The Vice President said government will use technology to make lives better for Ghanaians.

“By early 2019, we will be joining Rwanda in using drones to deliver critical medical products. Blood products, medical cargo, emergency vaccines, life saving and other essential medicines on demand to every part of the country regardless of the terrain or road infrastructure.”

The Vice President made a similar promise a few months ago at the Annual Health Summit, following which the government signed a Memorandum of Understanding to that effect.

The Ministry of Health signed a Letter of Intent with US-based company, Zipline International Inc. to the offer drone-enabled supply chain solution in Ghana for the secure, reliable and timely deliveries of essential health care products to hospitals and other health facilities.

Although Dr. Bawumia did not give details about the arrangement, he emphasized that the government was keen on introducing other innovations to boost the country’s health sector.

Rwanda is among the few African countries working with Zipline to deliver blood and vaccines by drone on demand to patients including women in labour in rural communities.

This is reported to have saved thousands of women from death as a result of bleeding during childbirth. — NNN-GNA

Source: Nam News Network

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