Transforming Africa: Strong collaboration, smart policy, sound investments and a total change of mind-set

The timing is right: Africa holds enormous potential for rapid transformation. Acontinent in transition, it is among the world’s fastest growing regions, with a young and growing population in rapidly growing regions, an improving business environment, expanding internet connectivity, rising incomes, and shifting consumption patterns.

Despite economic and political challenges, these enduring trends have created an abundance of commercial opportunities across the continent, transforming it into a market and opportunity that investors cannot afford to ignore. In particular, public-private partnerships (PPPs) are seen as key towards ransforming the African economy and eradicating poverty.

However, the investor activity on the continent has long been constrained by structural obstacles, a lack of risk mitigation mechanisms, and few financing options, all of which inhibit the effective distribution and mitigation of risk associated with large-scal or long-term project.

But Africa does not give up. Its growing youth are working hard to do things differently, becoming more and more entrepreneurial even as older generation entrepreneurs and politicians have realised that without collaboration, nothing substantial can be achieved.

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Source: The Vaultz Magazine

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