Corporate leaders spur action on job creation and inclusive growth

By Percis Ofori

Durban, South Africa, May 5-6, 2017. Representatives of the private sector, development partners, African governments, philanthropic organizations and think-tanks met in South Africa earlier this month to discuss the role of the private sector in driving innovation for employment and inclusive growth in Africa.

The two-day meeting, organised in Durban by the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) in collaboration with the African Development Bank and African Export-Import Bank (Afeximbank), was on the theme: “Driving Sustainable Economies: Private Sector Action to Spur Job Creation and Innovation for Inclusive Growth in Africa”.

The meeting provided a platform for the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) to brief participants on the Pan African Coalition for Transformation (PACT). PACT is the outcome of the inaugural African Transformation Forum launched by ACET in March 2016 in Rwanda.

PACT is a network designed to bring together key stakeholders around shared themes to help speed up economic transformation in Africa. Policy solutions and implementation are central to PACT objectives.

PACT identifies eight core pathways and drivers to economic transformation – Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, Energy, Extractives, Manufacturing, Resource Mobilization, Youth and Skills, and Regional Integration and Trade Facilitation.

ACET was represented by its Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Nti.

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