Right-skilling the workforce in Africa for industry 4.0 – Nigeria Roundtable Meeting

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) will be hosting a policy roundtable in Nigeria on July 16 as part of a project it is undertaking in partnership with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and the National University of Singapore with funding from Microsoft Philanthropies Middle East and Africa on ‘Right-skilling the Workforce in Africa for Industry 4.0’. 

This policy roundtable, the second in a series of three, will explore how countries are creating the right skills economy for the workforce of tomorrow. The last roundtable in Kenya brought together various country stakeholders for discussion around four focus sectors – (i) Agriculture; (ii) Manufacturing; (iii) Online Work and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services; and (iv) the Creatives Industry. 

The roundtable in Nigeria will bring together about 40 participants including policy makers, business practitioners, academia, CSOs, think-tanks and tech hubs with vested interests in the sectors as well as development partners. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents both challenges and opportunities. While some transformation pathways are becoming increasingly problematic, some are being energised. ACET’s current study on Right-skilling the Workforce in Africa for Industry 4.0 seeks to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of existing initiatives and their relative success or failure in skilling the workforce; track progress, compare approaches, gauge the success and failures of different approaches and draw lessons for policy for formulation.  

To allow the public to join in the conversation, ACET will stream the discussions via its Facebook page @AcetforAfrica. The public can also contribute to the conversation on all our social media handles (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – @AcetforAfrica) using the hashtags #ACET and #FutureofWork 





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