Webinar: Achieving systemic economic transformation in Africa – The role of African leadership

Event Overview

Over the past 50 years, countries across Africa have undergone radical changes, including to their economic circumstances. Signature successes have been tempered by the emergence of equally prominent challenges. In the midst of a rapidly evolving world and a global pandemic, we face key questions about the next phase of Africa’s transformation: What kind of transformation is needed? What is the role of the private sector in such a transformation? What is the role of government in creating circumstances for success, including investments in human capital?  How can COVID’s effects on economies across Africa be mitigated? What should the broader global development community do to ensure African leaders drive this transformation?


A new book, “Know the Beginning Well,” by African Center for Economic Transformation founder Dr. K.Y. Amoako, explores these and other questions and highlights the most important factors for achieving sustainable, lasting progress.

Join a distinguished panel for a discussion on the themes raised in the book, including the role of strong African leadership and ownership, the importance of investing in youth and education and human capital generally, the most effective approaches for building capacity, and the value of bringing people together to solve problems.


  • Dr. K.Y. Amoako,  President and Founder, African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)
  • Gina Lagomarsino, President and CEO, Results for Development
  • Dr. Kelechi Ohiri, CEO, Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation
  • Dr. Reeta Roy, President and CEO, Mastercard Foundation


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