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Supported by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and as part of a broader ACET program to support African governments and stakeholders informing transformational agriculture policy, ACET is working on a project titled “Small-holder Voices in Policy Dialogue”. The project explores and tests different avenues to provide voice to small-holder farmers and other marginalized voices from agriculture in the national agriculture policy debate to positively impact policy for a more inclusive and transformational agriculture sector.

A crucial sub-component of this project is a global scan for innovative policy design to support small-holder farmers. The scan is focused on identifying successful and innovative efforts to foster market development and strengthen linkages between policy design and small-holder interests in areas such as employment, skills development and youth leadership, land tenure and agro-processing. The virtual “small-holder farmers’ policy portal” that is being launched is an avenue where high impact policies and approaches are highlighted and captured on an online portal and leveraged to spark debate on national policy dialogue platforms and between government policy makers and small-holder representatives.

The smallholder Voices portal aims to connect smallholder farmers with policy makers in Africa.

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Location: Zoom

Date: July 13, 2020

Time: 2 pm – 3.30 pm GMT

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