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The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) and the G20 Africa Advisory Group co-chairs are jointly hosting a Compact with Africa peer-learning workshop in Accra on February 13.

The G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) initiative was started in 2017 to promote private sector-led development and improve the investment environment in Africa. The initiative’s Interim Monitoring Report sent a strong signal that sound policies to improve investment conditions are paying off and market interest in CwA countries is growing.

This meeting presents an opportunity for CwA countries to enter into a dialogue on how to bolster the effectiveness of the CwA initiative. It will also serve as a platform to press ahead with implementing the initiative on the ground.

The workshop is expected to attract representatives from CwA countries, international organizations and G20 countries who will assess the role of Compact teams, address challenges and identify solutions for greater coordination.

The workshop will be attended by the Chair of the CwA Advisory Panel, Jean-Louis Sarbib. Mr Sarbib is currently a Distinguished Fellow of the Emerging Markets Forum. Other members of the panel are Mr. Mamadou Lamine Loum, a former Senegalese Politician, Mr. Mustapha Nabli, the President of the North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies and Mr. Lemma Senbet, a William E. Mayer Chair Professor of Finance at the University of Maryland, College Park.



Location: Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra, Ghana

Session 1: Peer-Learning Workshop

09:30 a.m.       Welcome and overview of the workshop

09:45 a.m.       Review of G20 CwA Compact Team Guidelines

Sets the basis for the discussion

09:55 a.m.       Compact Team experience (Ghana, Senegal, tbc)

Insights on how the Compact Team is operating: What is working well? Where are improvements needed? What are the main obstacles?

10:20 a.m.       Peer to Peer learning: Reactions and Discussion

What is the experience of other Compact Teams? Is it similar or different? What are the bottlenecks? What can be improved? What support can be provided? How to reap synergies?

11:10 a.m.       Wrap-up and take-aways

Session 2: G20-Compact with Africa Initiative – Making it work for the private sector

12:00 p.m.       Welcome and overview of the workshop

12:10 p.m.       Overview of the G20 Compact with Africa and opportunities for the private sector

12:30 p.m.       CwA Country Experience

How has investment promotion been implemented in the context of the CwA (role of Compact Teams, outreach, events)? What has worked well and what could be improved?

13:00 p.m.       Reactions from private sector participants

What do they know about the CwA and how do they perceive it? Examples of how they have worked with governments and development partners in a Compact country to pursue investment? Do they feel the policy environment has improved? Do they see greater investment promotion? What could work better? What do they need?

13:15 p.m.       Wrap up and close

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