Transformation in a Generation – 2016 End of Year Report

March 29, 2019
The year 2016 has been one of transition for the organisation as we work towards economic transformation in Africa. While we continue our research, advisory and advocacy work, we are also changing how we work, not only to be more efficient, but to also be more effective in helping countries transform.

First, we improved col labouration between our research and advisory teams with the development of the ACET Policy Engagement Model (APEM). Under this model, ACET conducts multi-country case studies in a key policy area, working with country-based experts or think tanks. Results are then validated in the country as part of an event that brings together policy makers, the private sector and key stakeholders to discuss findings, recommendations and possible implementation follow ups. So, instead of working in silos, we have created a natural blend between research and advisory teams in practice, such that while research is being conducted, key stakeholders are engaged through every step of the process. This has helped us to ensure buy-in of the key decision makers for whom research is targeted early on in the project.

Secondly, in March 2016, ACET launched the Pan-African Coalition for Transformation (PACT) as a new platform to drive policy implementation across eight thematic areas. Grounded in sound analysis of key issues, PACT will not only facilitate peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing between decision makers, it will also support the process of in-country implementation.

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