Transformation in a Generation: 2021 Annual Report

July 26, 2022
2021 brought another year of uncertainty as COVID-19 continued to spread across the continent and around the world, impacting lives and economies. It forced us to face the reality that abrupt economic shocks can cause progress to stall—or reverse—as long as countries fail to build resilience.

The pandemic also showed us the urgent need for African collaboration and continental integration—and 2021 at ACET was all about integrating to transform. This was the focus of our latest African Transformation Report, which launched in July at ACET’s third African Transformation Forum. The analysis in the report urges all policymakers and stakeholders to look beyond trade and consider how African countries can work together to tackle issues that transcend borders, such as managing climate risks, ensuring productive employment, and supporting digital innovation.

These priorities were woven through ACET’s engagements in 2021. In our annual report, you will read about some of key our achievements in 2021, but you will also see the ways in which ACET is laying the groundwork for equally ambitious efforts in 2022 and beyond – such as our new research strategy, focused on five key pillars and anchored in our understanding of economic transformation as growth with DEPTH; and our new engagement approach, designed to help us expand our reach and improve our impact in several ways.

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