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  • Mina Baliamoune talks to The Banker

    Watch Mina Baliamoune explain growth with depth on The Banker. ...
  • Julius Gatune on Tanzania’s Economic Transformation

    How can Tanzania create transformative growth? National, regional and global experts and policy-makers, including the Governor of the Bank of Tanzania and ACET's Julius Gatune share their thoughts.
  • The Role of Services in Economic Transformation

    The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) writes, "The service sector is an important component of any country’s economy. It makes a direct and significant contribution to GDP and job creation, and provides crucial inputs (e.g. logistics, energy, financial or ICT services) for the rest of the economy, thus having a significant effect on the overall investment climate, which is an essential determinant of growth and development." ACET's Julius Gatune speaks on this panel by the ODI on the role of services in his country's economic ...
  • Agroprocessing in Africa: the Low-hanging Fruits

    Beyond its tremendous potential to create jobs, reduce poverty, and nourish the continent, agriculture can be the foundation for Africa’s economic transformation. Policymakers can make this happen by taking steps to strengthen the links between agriculture and manufacturing through agroprocessing. In this blog for the Wilson Center's Africa Program, ACET's Francis Mulangu frames the issue. 3907149623_7ed55e0737_z
  • Something New From Africa Always Comes

    In this piece for GE's Ideas Lab, ACET president, K.Y. Amoako, marvels at the flurry of tech-enabled innovations coming out of Africa, a far cry from 1996 when he helped launch the African Information Society Initiative (AISI) which helped kickstart Africa's ICT revolution. Read ...