As a policy institution, our work is grounded in rigorous research and analysis through the unique lens of transformation.  We work to make transformation happen by advocating prudent policies, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and supporting governments in planning and implementing these insights.

ACET’s research agenda focuses on studies that analyze the economic transformation of Africa, examining countries, themes, economic subsectors, and industries. We also conduct special studies on current topics with real impact on the transformation process, such as China’s activities in Africa.

Through our country studies, the African Transformation Report, and research on the drivers of transformation, ACET is building competence in a unique approach to analyzing countries. Upon request we help countries develop and implement their transformation strategies. To date, we have provided policy and institutional support to the governments of Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone, with five more countries in the pipeline.

We are determined to put our research to work, to be used by policymakers, businesses and other key actors to make transformation happen.