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ACET’s Working Papers

27th October 2011

Driving Economic Transformation in Africa: The Role of Capable States

ACET president, Dr. K.Y. Amoako has drawn on new ACET research to emphasize the importance of capable states in leading and sustaining structural transformation. Dr. Amoako was delivering a keynote speech at the Governance Academy Day, a […]
31st August 2011

Innovative Financing for Infrastructure in Low Income Countries: How Might the G20 Help?

By Akbar Norman ACET Occasional Papers analyze and make recommendations on specific issues relating to Africa’s economic transformation including  important developments in the international arena and how they affect Africa. This paper was prepared in […]
25th August 2011

Market Competition in Export Cash Crops and Farm Income in Africa

By Nicolas Depetris Chauvin and Guido Porto Cash crops, such as cocoa, cotton, coffee and tobacco, are a major source of export revenue for a large number of Sub-Saharan African countries and the livelihood basis […]
1st June 2011

Remarks by K. Y. Amoako at the Second Asian Development Forum

Remarks by K. Y. Amoako at the Second Asian Development Forum Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning, Let me first thank the organizers of the Second Asian Development Forum and the people of Japan, for their […]
3rd January 2011

Turning Inward? Or Fighting the Crisis with Further Opening? Evidence from the Nigerian Banking System

The unprecedented global economic crises which have afflicted the whole world over the past two years have their origins in the advanced industrial economies of the West. While African countries bear no responsibility for this […]
7th September 2010

GDLN Consultation on Infrastructure: The Foundation for Growth and Poverty Reduction

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), in partnership with the World Bank, carried out a consultation with African stakeholders on their development partnerships with China to support the work of the China-DAC Study Group. […]
24th August 2009

Ghana’s Economic Transformation

Written by: Charles Dollie His Excellency Mr. President, Honorable Ministers of State, Distinguished guests,  ladies and gentlemen, I am very honored to be here with you all to help Ivor Agyeman-Duah launch this interesting and […]
1st August 2008

Remarks by K. Y. Amoako at an ACET-organized Public Lecture by Joseph Stiglitz in Accra, Ghana

Thank you very much Mrs. Mary Chinery-Hesse for your very generous introduction. This is the second time in the short period that I have been back home that I have the honor of being introduced […]
27th March 2008

Remarks by K. Y. Amoako at the 4th Annual Kronti ne Akwamu (Democracy and Good Governance) Lecture

The tenth anniversary of the Center for Democratic Development is a time for deserved celebration of its many contributions to our country. Over the last ten years, CDD has worked with local and international partners […]