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10th February 2017

Leading Toward Transformation:

Good governance and pragmatic leadership as a collective responsibility for sustaining growth ACET’s founder and president, Dr. K.Y. Amoako, was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Investing in African Mining Indaba, which took place from […]
13th July 2016

Local Content and Value Addition in Ghana’s Mineral, Oil and Gas Sectors

Is Ghana getting it right? Local content and value addition strategy is one of the methods resource-rich countries are adopting to increase the benefits from resource extraction to their economies, beyond securing optimal rents (royalties, […]
23rd March 2015

Delivering Public-Private Partnership Benefits to Mining Communities in Ghana

This working paper seeks to discuss key issues relating to the structuring of public-private partnerships to benefit communities in mining areas in Ghana, the role of the government (local, regional, national) and investors in financing […]
8th February 2015
Dr. K.Y. Amoako

Ghana Transformation Forum

With the need for long-term planning and restructuring of the Ghanaian economy now clearer than ever, the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) and Ghana’s National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) present the Ghana Transformation Forum. What […]
3rd November 2014

The Public-Private Sector Dialogue on Mining Governance in Ghana series

For more than a century, Ghana, a mineral-rich country, has been engaged in the production of solid minerals for export. The country is the second largest producer of gold in Africa after South Africa, the […]
14th May 2014

Not Just Any Nation: Ghana’s Prospects for Economic Transformation

On Monday May 13, 2014, ACET President, Dr. K.Y. Amoako delivered a speech at the Ghana Economic Forum held in Akosombo. In it, he detailed Ghana’s current standing on the African Transformation Index, and outlined […]
23rd March 2014

Improving Governance of Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Sector in Ghana

This working paper, Improving Governance of Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Sector in Ghana seeks to discuss key issues relating to regulating access to minerals in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector, how small scale […]
10th December 2013

Africa’s Got Work to Do: Employment: Prospects in the New Century

Employment outcomes are among the most important variables used by economists to link the size and structure of economic growth to the welfare of households. This is because experience has shown that growth in output […]
11th September 2013

“Reversing the Resource Curse”: Promoting Transparent, Effective, and Accountable Governance

From August 26th-30th, ACET, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, hosted a two-day meeting and gold mine visit as part of their global initiative on Promoting Transparent Effective and Accountable Government (TEAG). Organized to promote […]