Sustainable Resource Series

ACET’s Sustainable Resource Series

14th October 2014

Business Ethics in West Africa’s MOG Sector

Sustainable development in Africa has increasingly become tied to the continent’s ability to compete in global markets, develop its internal resources, and grow local businesses that generate wealth, provide employment, and create economic opportunity. With […]
14th October 2014

Human Rights in the MOG Sector in West Africa

The absence of an effective human rights framework has been a significant contributing factor to the low levels of sustainable development in several natural resource rich states. Like weak governance and corruption, a poor human […]
14th October 2014

Mining and the Social Environment in West Africa

Investment in extractive industries remains the most important driver of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa. And with it comes high expectations. Yet where mining and mineral extraction operations occur in remote rural areas, their […]
11th May 2014

Mining and the Environment in West Africa

Globalization and demand from major markets are driving growing interest for resource extraction in Africa. This includes demand for infrastructure materials and metals used in information and communications technologies. Technological advances are also making resource […]
1st May 2014

Conflict Minerals in West Africa’s MOG Sector

Broadly defined, conflict minerals are any minerals illegally mined and sold as a means to finance conflict. Correspondingly, conflict mineral regulation refers to initiatives by individual governments, multi-lateral institutions or non-state actors (including businesses and […]
17th April 2014

Accountability in the MOG Sector in West Africa

In recent years, West Africa has experienced sustained high growth rates, especially in the minerals, oil, and gas (MOG) producing countries, and has outperformed the other African sub-regions. However, this has not been translated into […]
27th November 2013

Good Governance in the MOG Sector in West Africa

Resource-rich countries in West Africa have seen remarkable economic growth as of late, partly due to mineral, oil, and gas (MOG) revenues. Future growth is imminent, too, with Ghana’s and Nigeria’s GDPs projected to grow by […]
4th November 2013

Accountability in the Extractive Industries

Dakar, Senegal. November 4, 2013 On November 4th, ACET and the UN African Institute for Economic Development (IDEP) co-hosted the second Sustainable Resource Series dialogue in Senegal, Dakar, to discuss accountability in the extractive industries. Below,  you […]
4th October 2013

Good Governance in the Extractives Industry

Accra, Ghana. October 8, 2013. In partnership with the Ford Foundation and the Center for Demographic Development-Ghana (CDD),  ACET held the first Sustainable Resource Series dialogues on October 8th in Accra, focusing on “Good Governance in the […]