Promoting Sustainable Rural Transformation

ACET’s Promoting Sustainable Rural Development and Transformation series.

1st August 2015
AYALA, UGANDA  - JULY 19: Women from the Self Help Group Alita Kole, taking care of their crops that they own together as a group. This gardening activity is part of an income generating activity supported by Reproductive Health Uganda and enables them to have financial independence and provide for their family needs. July 19, 2014 in Ayala, Uganda.  (Photo by Jonathan Torgovnik/Reportage by Getty Images)..

Promoting Sustainable Rural Development and Transformation in Africa

Agriculture’s share of gross domestic product (GDP) has been declining over the years in many African countries as service sectors have grown. However, agriculture continues to underpin many countries’ economies. The contribution of the agricultural […]
10th July 2015

Promoting Sustainable Rural Transformation – Burkina Faso

Policy makers and development partners are keen to find interventions that are effective in improving smallholder productivity and raising the income and resilience (including food security) of smallholders. It is ACET’s view that linking the […]
10th July 2015

Promoting Sustainable Rural Transformation – Tanzania

The overall objective of this study was to identify ways to increase smallholder productivity and improve post-production value (storage, processing, and domestic or foreign market access) in order to improve the incomes and food security […]
10th July 2015

Promoting Sustainable Rural Transformation – Uganda

The Uganda report is a synthesis of ACET’s study of that country’s value chains for cassava, cow, millet and sorghum. Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa with a total land area of 241,551 […]
28th May 2015

Promoting Sustainable Rural Transformation – Ghana

Ghana can raise the standard of living of rural farmers, meet the nation’s food needs, and transform the economy through new approaches to farming, processing, and marketing cassava, cocoa, poultry, and rice, a new ACET […]