ACET reports

6th December 2010

Africa Resists The Protectionist Temptation

Written by: Rhoda Ansah New Publication: Africa Resists The Protectionist Temptation – 5th GTA Report: A Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Edited by Simon J. Evenett. ACET researchers made substantial contributions to a recent publication by […]
3rd August 2010

Looking East: China’s Engagements with Africa

ACET has just released two specific country studies which detail China’s aid, trade and investment presence in Rwanda, and Ghana. These countries were selected for their currently low levels of Chinese engagement. They are also […]
20th October 2009

Conference for African Policy – Makers on Africa-China Partnerships

In collaboration with the OECD-DAC Secretariat and the World Bank, ACET convened a Conference on October 20th, 2009 to discuss China’s growing partnerships with African countries. Convened through the Global Development Learning Network (a video […]