ACET reports

31st July 2014

Agricultural Prices, Household Wellbeing and Poverty Alleviation

Agricultural Prices, Household Wellbeing and Poverty Alleviation: The Role of Agricultural Supply Chains and Household Constraints in ECOWAS countries At the 19th annual conference of the African Region chapter of the Econometrics Society, held in […]
10th December 2013

The Past, Present and Future of Economic Growth

The last decade has been an extraordinarily good one for developing nations and their mostly poor citizens, so good in fact that it has become commonplace to look upon them as potential saviors of the […]
10th July 2013

Evaluating Aid for Trade on the Ground: Lessons from Ghana

Assessing the impact and effectiveness of the Aid for Trade (AfT) initiative in Ghana, this report uses nine indicators to measure whether AfT has delivered on its key mandate to provide “additional, predictable, sustainable and […]
30th March 2012

African Lions in the Making

Growth without structural transformation has proved to be unsustainable. Africa needs to diversify their economies if they want to become authentic economic lions. These are promising times for Africa, which has been enjoying almost a […]
21st October 2011

Economic Transformation and Poverty Reduction: How it happened in China, helping it happen in Africa

The experiences and lessons from China’s economic transformation and poverty reduction have been attracting much interest from both African countries and the international development community. To respond to this interest for the exchange of perspectives […]
11th April 2011

DAVOS 2011: Rapport sur le commerce de Groupe d’Experts Lancé

The Trade Experts Group interim report was launched at Davos on Jan 28th 2011, 1800 GMT. Dr K. Y Amoako is a member of the committee, chaired by  Pr Jagdish Bhagwati and Peter Sutherland KCMG, […]
25th February 2011

Broken Promises: A G20 Summit Report by Global Trade Alert

The second GTA report, prepared by an independent group of researchers and analysts located around the globe, including ACET staff, is based on over 400 investigations of state measures that have been implemented since the […]
6th December 2010

Africa Resists The Protectionist Temptation

Written by: Rhoda Ansah New Publication: Africa Resists The Protectionist Temptation – 5th GTA Report: A Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Edited by Simon J. Evenett. ACET researchers made substantial contributions to a recent publication by […]
3rd August 2010

Looking East: China’s Engagements with Africa

ACET has just released two specific country studies which detail China’s aid, trade and investment presence in Rwanda, and Ghana. These countries were selected for their currently low levels of Chinese engagement. They are also […]