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13th September 2016

State attorneys validate TMP West Africa MoU

Senior state attorneys and representatives of various government ministries met in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, last week to validate a legal agreement between West African countries participating in the Intra-African Talent Mobility Partnership (TMP) programme. The […]
2nd September 2016

ACET calls for local content and value addition compliance in Ghana’s minerals sector

Ghana stands to benefit from local procurement and value addition in the minerals sector if mining companies procure more mining materials and services locally and add value to minerals for local and international consumption. To […]
23rd August 2016

Ghana integrates TMP into national ECOWAS strategic plan

Accra, Ghana. – The Government of Ghana has agreed to integrate the Intra-African Talent Mobility Partnership (TMP) program into its National ECOWAS Strategic Plan, which is currently being finalised for cabinet approval in November. The […]
23rd August 2016

Escaping the learning trap

The high technological capability needed to extract and absorb foreign technology coupled with the cost of trying something new and investing in learning are some of the challenges that stop African-owned firms from benefiting from […]
16th August 2016

ACET in talks with Multimedia

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) communications team recently met representatives of the Multimedia Group in Accra, to explore avenues for partnership. Multimedia is a privately owned media group in Ghana with media coverage […]
2nd August 2016

Getting to grips with youth unemployment in Ghana

Lack of resources and technical know-how, unavailability of required technologies, and an increase in population without a corresponding increase in jobs are some of the major causes of unemployment identified by stakeholders in Accra recently. […]
28th July 2016

PACT Agriculture Chapter takes shape

By Percis Ofori, ACET Communications Coordinator Agriculture forms a significant portion of the economies of most African countries. It employs 65% of the labour force and contributes 32% of GDP1. Despite its significance, agriculture faces […]
28th July 2016

Freeing the movement of talent in ECOWAS

Strict visa requirements, delays in processing work permits and lack of social security are some of the obstacles impeding the free movement of skilled labour across African borders, stifling private sector competitiveness and economic development. […]
20th July 2016

JOY BUSY talks

Date: June 19, 2016 Venue: Alisa Hotel, Accra On 19 July, 2016, Multi TV in partnership with BUSY organized the Joy Busy Talks on the theme:  “Transforming Ghana: Agribusiness to the Rescue?” The dialogue discussed the business of agriculture, economic […]