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14th September 2017

Trade and Industrialization in Africa: two peas in a pod?

By George Boateng   Will there ever be the ‘African Tigers’? A question begging answers. A look at the manufacturing sector’s total contribution to African economies is telling. Since 1980, the sector has grown more […]
11th September 2017

The Compact with Africa – opportunities, challenges and the importance of peer learning

By K.Y. Amoako The first meeting in Africa of Finance Ministers and representatives from the G-20 Compact with Africa (CWA) countries took place last week in Accra, Ghana. While Germany’s G-20 Presidency must be applauded […]
31st August 2017

Domestic resource mobilization: Cornerstone of sustainable development for post-conflict countries?

By Edward K Brown and Amanda Aniston External Development Finance (EDF) remains a critical factor in fostering economic growth in Africa’s developing economies. Official Development Assistance (ODA) is declining and recipient countries are adapting to the changing development finance […]
24th August 2017

After Ghana’s banking takeover, how to deepen financial inclusion the cooperative way

By John Osei The takeover of UT Bank and Capital Bank by GCB Bank came as a shock to some members of the banking community, making headlines in the newspapers of August 14 that reverberated […]
17th August 2017

Technical and vocational education would spur economic growth and transformation

By Percis Ofori Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 200 million people aged between 15 and 24. This figure is likely to double by 2050 according to the 2012 World Economic Outlook. […]
11th August 2017

“Making farming cool” means creating opportunities for young people

By Dede Amanor-Wilks How to make farming attractive to young people is fast becoming a major talking point in development circles. In a context where farming populations are ageing and young people, especially young graduates, […]
8th August 2017

Agricultural transformation in Africa: The myths, key issues, and the new pathway

August 8, 2017 By George Boateng Agriculture is the heartbeat of Africa. The continent’s major agricultural advantages include an abundance of natural resources, a young and growing labor force, and a rising middle class, in addition […]
27th July 2017

The Blacksmiths and their Neighbours

July 27, 2017 By Hardi Yakubu In the Mole-Dagbani ethnic groups of Northern Ghana, families are organized by specific vocations or trades. There are blacksmiths who buy meat from butchers; meat cut into pieces with knives and machetes […]
20th July 2017

Feminist assistance policy pivot: Will it be enough?

July 20, 2017 By Rob Floyd and K.Y. Amoako The development assistance landscape is always changing.  And sometimes it changes for the better. Last month Canada released its first new international development strategy in years […]