ACET in the News

ACET in the news

22nd May 2017
Dr. K.Y. Amoako

Europe’s Compact with Africa will need strong partnerships – Dr. Amoako

May 16, 2017 ACET’s Founder and President, K.Y. Amoako, has revealed that “Europe’s Compact with Africa” will need strong partnerships with African institutions. Dr. Amoako made this interesting revelation as a keynote speaker at the […]
19th May 2017

G-20 partnership with Africa – an urgent dialogue

May 17, 2017 Germany has put Africa at the top of its agenda at this year’s G-20 presidency. Because one wants to take a big step forward, expand cooperation and put the continent in the […]
18th May 2017

G-20 partnership with Africa: urgently needed dialogue

May 17, 2017 By MIL OSI – Source: Konrad Adenauer Foundation Dr. KY Amoako has a vision. When he looks in Africa’s future, not by his eyes, but by his seven-year-old granddaughter. Then, in the year 2040, he sees […]
17th May 2017

African policy experts seek common ground with G20

May 17, 2017 African policy makers, leading practitioners and development thinkers have met in Berlin with development partners to formulate common positions on African economic transformation to present to Group of 20 (G20) leaders. Dubbed […]
17th May 2017

What street food vendors in Uganda need to succeed

May 16, 2017 By Michele Abbot and Deborah Cohen As Uganda undergoes a period of rapid urbanization (expected to increase from 13% in 2010 to 60% by 2040 [PDF]), the number of people eating meals […]
16th May 2017

G20: Experts call for more than just development aid for Africa

May 11, 2017 The federal government wants to use its G20 presidency to mobilize more aid for Africa.But experts warn: more development aid is not enough to create prosperity on the continent. When KY Amoako […]
15th May 2017

African and global business leaders in IGD Frontier 100 Forum on job creation and inclusive growth

May 12, 2017 By Bob Koigi Accelerating private sector action to create jobs in key sectors to promote business growth and absorb the millions of African young people entering the workforce in Africa topped the […]
10th May 2017

Africa’s great opportunity for reform

April 28, 2017 Kevin Watkins First the bad news. After fifteen years in the global economic growth fast lane, sub-Saharan Africa is reeling from the effects of falling commodity prices, depressed Chinese demand, and deteriorating […]
3rd May 2017

Experts propose new forms of local development finance

A latest report by the Africa Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) has said there is the need for governments to take advantage of the new players in global finance as traditional official development assistance (ODA) to Africa is dwindling.