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14th September 2017

Trade and industrialization in Africa: two peas in a pod?

By George Boateng   Will there ever be the ‘African Tigers’? A question begging answers. A look at the manufacturing sector’s total contribution to African economies is telling. Since 1980, the sector has grown more...
11th September 2017

The Compact with Africa – opportunities, challenges and the importance of peer learning

By K.Y. Amoako The first meeting in Africa of Finance Ministers and representatives from the G-20 Compact with Africa (CWA) countries took place last week in Accra, Ghana. While Germany’s G-20 Presidency must be applauded...
27th July 2017

The Blacksmiths and their Neighbours

July 27, 2017 By Hardi Yakubu In the Mole-Dagbani ethnic groups of Northern Ghana, families are organized by specific vocations or trades. There are blacksmiths who buy meat from butchers; meat cut into pieces with knives and machetes...