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26th April 2017

Gov’ts must take advantage of new global finance players

A latest report by the Africa Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) has said there is the need for governments to take advantage of the new players in global finance as traditional official development assistance (ODA) to Africa is dwindling.
26th April 2017

Sovereign wealth funds as backup budgetary resource in Africa

Apr 22, 2017 Finance experts in Africa have underscored the need for African countries to establish Sovereign Wealth Funds as backup to national budgetary resources in national development efforts. African Center for Economic TransformationThey believe...
22nd April 2017

Experts propose measures on domestic resource mobilization in Africa

By Percis Ofori Strong political will, technology, urban financing, and regional integration are key factors that could boost resource mobilization in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to development finance experts meeting in Accra. They discussed the emergence...
22nd April 2017

Step up efforts to mobilise revenues locally – ACET

TIMOTHY NGNENBE 16 APRIL 2017 The government has to redirect its efforts to mobilise revenues within the domestic economy in order to wean itself from dependence on foreign financing of development projects, the Director at...
29th March 2017

African Development Week: Country profiles to inform high level decision-making

by Jill De Villiers The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) launched the second generation of its country profiles at African Development Week. This year 21 reports were produced, on top of last year’s 20 reports,...
10th March 2017
K.Y. Amoako President of ACET

Exploring Africa’s economic transformation

African countries have time and again asserted progress towards attaining economic autarky. However, many countries have failed to advance beyond growth to achieve economic transformation.
7th March 2017

My career journey through the YPARD Mentorship

03 Mar 2017 by Emily Ongus As young people, we normally pursue our careers with high and diverse expectations which usually arise right after we complete our studies. Unfortunately, in many cases what we perceive...
1st March 2017

Manufacturing is the key to lifting millions out of poverty

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 By Ben Ofosu-Appiah Creating Shared Prosperity in Ghana: Manufacturing is the Key to Lifting Millions out of Poverty Introduction From agrarian base to an industrial base to a service-led economy. This...
24th February 2017

Assessing governance and investment in Ghana’s mining sector

By Maame Esi Eshun, ACET Performance across Ghana’s mineral value chain is strong and policies and laws governing the sector are satisfactory, but improvement is still needed in the negotiation of mining contracts, while environmental...