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12th October 2017

Finance ministers endorse ACET call for transformation of African agriculture to drive growth

Agriculture can power the economic transformation of African countries, according to a new report from the Ghana-based African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), founded by former Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, K.Y.
12th October 2017

Agriculture Powering Africa’s Economic Transformation

A new report from the Ghana-based African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) will set out a bold new agenda for African growth powered by a revolution in agriculture. Launching at a meeting of African finance ministers and economists at the World Bank, the report will set out a radical program of reforms to trigger economic transformation far beyond the farming industry.
6th September 2017

Ghana hosts first Compact with Africa ministerial meeting

Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Ghana Finance Ministers from seven African countries participating in the G-20 Compact with Africa (CWA) initiative will meet as a group for the first time in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday 6 September...
11th May 2017

Africa’s Economic Transformation within the Context of the G-20 Partnership with Africa

Since the mid-1990s, many African countries have recorded steady economic growth but economic vulnerability remains a concern. Most continue to rely excessively on low-productivity agriculture, have failed to develop strong manufacturing industries, and rely excessively on extractives and a narrow range of commodity exports.
10th April 2017

Policy Learning Event on Resource Mobilization and Management

The development finance landscape is changing; the sources, nature, and mechanisms are rapidly evolving: Traditional official development assistance (ODA) to Africa is dwindling but adapting; China, India and Brazil are emerging as important state players; and philanthropies and private organizations are also emerging as major players.
25th November 2016

AfDB Approves $10M Equity Investment In TIDE Africa Fund

African development Bank (AfDB) approved a $10 million equity funding to boost Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-driven production and growth in six sub-Saharan Africa countries. The Technology and Innovation in Developing Economies (TIDE) Fund 1...
29th September 2016

Securing land tenure and easing access to land

This chapter first reviews the state of land tenure and administration in Africa and identifies nine (9) factors that could explain the problems faced by Africa’s land sector. These factors include: only a small proportion...
29th September 2016

Agricultural mechanization and agricultural transformation in Africa

The paper discusses the current state of agricultural mechanization in Africa and its potential contribution to agricultural and broader economic transformation. It reviews the factors likely to influence farmer demand for mechanization in Africa and...
29th September 2016

Irrigation for agricultural transformation

This paper discusses irrigation as a major contributor to the transformation of African agriculture in order to address the challenges of ending hunger, reducing poverty and vulnerability, improving livelihood and resilience to extreme events and...