ATR 2 Background Papers

The African Transformation Report synthesizes knowledge from various aspects of ACET’s research program. The ATR 2 specifically addresses the various research findings on Agriculture’s role in Africa’s economic transformation.

Agricultural productivity in Africa is about one third of comparable Asian small holder farmers. Many factors affect agriculture productivity and these differ by product and by country. In an attempt to find lasting solutions to help remedy the low productivity and kickstart the transformation of the agricultural sector, this joint collaborative research between JICA and ACET aims at providing practical policy recommendations for transforming African economies. This joint research project commissioned six studies to produce an overall review to feed into the chapters of the African Transformation Report 2016 (ATR 2016) by ACET.

29th September 2016

Securing land tenure and easing access to land

This chapter first reviews the state of land tenure and administration in Africa and identifies nine (9) factors that could explain the problems faced by Africa’s land sector. These factors include: only a small proportion […]
29th September 2016

Agricultural mechanization and agricultural transformation in Africa

The paper discusses the current state of agricultural mechanization in Africa and its potential contribution to agricultural and broader economic transformation. It reviews the factors likely to influence farmer demand for mechanization in Africa and […]
29th September 2016

Irrigation for agricultural transformation

This paper discusses irrigation as a major contributor to the transformation of African agriculture in order to address the challenges of ending hunger, reducing poverty and vulnerability, improving livelihood and resilience to extreme events and […]
29th September 2016

Transforming African Agriculture by Promoting Improved Technology and Management Practices

The purpose of this study is to design the strategy to transform agriculture in SSA by means of generation and diffusion of modern agricultural technology. Following new statistical evidence and a critical review of the […]
29th September 2016

Index insurance for agricultural transformation in Africa

The paper discusses the renewed focus in using index insurance to manage risks in agricultural production in order to promote technical transformation of agriculture. It then demonstrates that unlike conventional agricultural insurance, which indemnifies policyholders […]
29th September 2016

Integrated rural development in Africa: Back to the future?

This paper reviews the general approach followed by governments and donors to support African agriculture and rural development over the last several decades. It focuses in particular on evaluating the integrated rural development (IRD) approach […]